Vicidial Audiostore Files Not Sync with Asterisk in https ssl

Vicidial Audio store Files Not Sync with Asterisk in https ssl. If you are worried about Vicidial, audio store files are not syncing with asterisk and if you are using or have enabled https/SSL access in apache. On top of that particularly using self signed SSL and accessing the vicidial https the vicidial fail to sync the audio store files also while uploading new audio file you see the error Invalid WAV file Format. In this article we will see how to resolve the Vicidial audio store sync and Invalid wav file format issue

Vicidial Audio store:

    Vicidial audio store is a feature in vicidial admin portal, where you will upload the audio files which are used in IVR,welcome file, music on hold etc. the audio file should be 16bit 8k mono wav format .

Vicidial audio store sync command

    In vicidial once you have uploaded the audio files via audio store menu, you need to sync the files to asterisk file systems ,so that asterisk will playback them.

To the sync the files vicidial cronjob by default enabled to sync if not you can run the command manually. If Self Signed SSL is used this command will output 0 files to sync as shown below 

After running the command ,output shows 0 files.

/usr/share/astguiclient/ --debugX\&audio_server_ip=
NEW UPLOADED:           0

Root cause of audio sync issue

In script wget is set with options to work only with http or with proper certified SSL , not work with self signed or expired SSL certificates.

wget -q


wget should set with below options ,that is don’t check SSL certificate.

--no-check-certificate -q 

run the below Sed command ,which will replace the missing options

cd /usr/share/astguiclient/
sed -i 's/wgetbin -q/wgetbin --no-check-certificate -q/g'


Followed to the workaround run the script with –debugX

/usr/share/astguiclient/ --debugx

reloading moh in asterisk



NEW UPLOADED:           0

DONE. Script execution time in seconds: 2


    Hope this article is helpful to resolve the vicidial audio store sync issue under Self signed SSL access.

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