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How to enable different language in vicidial

How to enable different language in vicidial

How to enable different language in vicidial, In this article you are going to learn how to change the language in vicidial. If you are looking to change the language of vicidial or agent interface then this article is for you.

The vicidial Language supports Spain , German, Greek, French , Italian ,Japanese ,Dutch, Polish etc.  Few language supports Admin interface and few wont support Agent. check out this article for more details.

Vicidial Language:

In Vicidial the Languages feature gives you the option of using a different set of phrases for your admin and agent web screens

By default the Vicidial installed with English Language for the Admin and Agent interface, But it also support other languages like

Spain,German,Greek,French,Italian,Japanese,Dutch,Polish etc

For the latest version of vicidial supported languages Download from vicidial language list

Note: Few in the list only support Language for AGENT interface, Few others supports both Admin and Agent Interface.

Example : In that list, a  file mentioned with ALL Refers that language Supports both Admin and Agent portal, If only AGENT mentioned it will support only Agent Portal.

Steps to enable other Language in vicidial

As part this tutorial i am installing Spanish language, same steps to be followed for other languages. For reference you may follow my youtube video or changing vicidial language

Time needed: 5 minutes

Steps to enable other Language in vicidial

  1. Step 1: Enable Language Option

    Login to you Vicidial Admin Portal 

    ie: https://ip/vicidial/admin.php

    Navigate to the menu:


    Enable the below settings

    Enable Languages : 1
    Language Method : MYSQL

  2. Step 2: Modify Language Permission for Admin

    Navigate to USERS > SHOW USERS
    Click modify for the Admin user and enable below Option

    Modify Language : 1

  3. Step 3: Adding New Languages in Vicidial

    Download your latest Language file from the below link


    example Spanish file : LANGUAGE_ALL_es_Spanish_20190718-094833.txt
    open the file in text pad and copy the content.
    Login to the Vicidial admin portal
    navigate to the menu


    Click > Add A New Language
    Add the below details
    Language ID                 : 10001
    Language Description:spanish Language
    Language Code            : es   ; two letter of the country code
    Admin User Group    : All Admin User Groups

    Press Submit

    Next Click Import Phrases on TOP
    Select the Language ID : 10001
    Import Action : Add and Update Phrases
    Import Data : Paste the Content copied in Step 3

    Press Submit.
    step4-import phrases
    Click back same Language ID and Set Active to Y to activate this Language

  4. Step 4: Language Selection For ADMIN and Agent

    For admin to change to new language, either you can select 
     Change Language link 
    Set the new Language as default Language.
    navigate to 

    Default Language : 1001-spanish

    Agent too have the Option to select the Language while logging to agent portal
    or admin can set a default language.
    Navigate to USERS > SHOW USERS

    Click Modify for any agent id and select below option

    User Choose Language 

    Selecting 1 will Provide option for agent to select a language.
    Select 0 will not provide option to select language, 
    Selected Language: 1001-spanish

    if above option is set 0 this is the default language for agent interface.

    vicidial default language



 Hope this article is helpful in changing the language of vicidial admin and agent interface. You can follow the same steps to enable other languages , you can install all the languages supported by the vicidial.

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