Google's Gary Illyes Answers Common SEO Questions

Google’s Gary Illyes Answers Common SEO Questions on LinkedIn

Google’s Gary Illyes is known for being one of the company’s most transparent and approachable representatives. In a recent LinkedIn post, Illyes answered some of the most common questions asked by SEO professionals and marketers.

The Importance of Quality Content

One of the most frequently asked questions was about the importance of quality content in SEO. Illyes stressed that quality content is a crucial factor in ranking well in search results. He emphasized that creating informative and relevant content for users is the best way to improve a website’s search visibility.

The Impact of Page Speed on SEO

Another common question was about the impact of page speed on SEO. Illyes confirmed that page speed is a critical factor in SEO and can affect both user experience and search rankings. He advised website owners to focus on optimizing their page speed by using tools like Google’s PageSpeed Insights and to make sure their website is mobile-friendly.

Backlinks have long been a key factor in SEO, and Illyes confirmed that this is still the case. He explained that backlinks serve as a “vote of confidence” for a website and can help improve its search visibility. However, he also emphasized that it’s important to focus on earning high-quality backlinks from reputable sources, as low-quality or spammy links can hurt a website’s search rankings.

The Importance of Technical SEO

Illyes also emphasized the importance of technical SEO in ranking well in search results. He advised website owners to focus on fixing any technical issues, such as broken links, crawl errors, and mobile-friendliness, in order to improve their website’s search visibility.


In conclusion, Gary Illyes’ recent LinkedIn post provides valuable insights into some of the most common SEO questions. The importance of quality content, page speed, backlinks, and technical SEO were all highlighted as crucial factors in ranking well in search results. By focusing on these elements, website owners can improve their search visibility and drive more traffic to their site.

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