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SEO Services For Lawyers

SEO Services For Lawyers, digital marketing, keyword research

SEO Services For Lawyers | Digital marketing | Keyword research

SEO Service For Lawyers. We Are Experts In Web Positioning For Lawyers

Why As A Lawyer Should You Invest In SEO?

  • SEO positioning is the most profitable online marketing channel in the long term . SEO services for lawyers although it requires a great technical and content capacity, investing in web positioning strategies helps to get potential clients organically and for free.
  • Especially more visibility on Google, more visits and more potential customers . Having a website for your office or law firm does not ensure higher sales or getting your clients to find you for the most popular searches that everyone wants to reach; you have to work on it, optimize it.

    You have to respect the good practices and recommendations that Google and company establish. We need to comply with the rules to achieve results: whoever made your website is not SEO. For this reason, you need us.

What Type Of Lawyers Are Our SEO Positioning Services Aimed At?

  • All specialties and practice areas . Criminal, labour, family, divorce or separation, mercantile, real estate, civil, urban planning, immigration lawyers…

    The matter doesn’t matter; We know the peculiarities of the sector and the needs of the end customer, which allows us to achieve satisfactory positioning results in Google for all types of law firms and law firms.
  • All sizes . Whether it is a small law firm or office or a large firm with numerous profiles, we can achieve greater natural visibility in search engines.
  • All locations . It does not matter where you provide your legal services or what type of client you are targeting. We have the necessary experience to establish a solid strategy that allows us to acquire optimal SEO positioning, both locally and nationally or internationally. We can do everything!

Specialists In Web Positioning And Seo For Lawyers

What do you think? Peculiar, yes, we agree. And with great honour! Because the ordinary, the usual, is boring. Much. You have to innovate.

For this same reason, your law firm should bet on investing in what is called “organic search engine optimization” (SEO for friends), as an essential “leg” of the digital marketing strategy. Because if you don’t appear in Google, you don’t exist. Shall we get to work?

How Do We Work On Web Positioning For Lawyers?

  • Market Analysis . seo services for lawyers we study in detail where you operate: peculiarities, evolution…
  • Definition of target audience . Your client searches in a very different way than how you think he does. It has different needs, habits and concerns. We put names and surnames so that SEO strategies and, in general, digital marketing are as satisfactory as possible.
  • Online competitor study . What other law firms or law firms are going to “fight” on Google with you? Let’s analyze what they do, what they invest in, for which keywords they receive visits from Google…
  • keyword research . Keyword research is vital for your client to find you on Google. In addition, it helps us define a roadmap on which to work on the SEO campaign month by month.

    Our keyword research is a laborious and professional job that will help you understand how Google searches and, ultimately, what your client is concerned about, in order to offer it in the contents of your website.
  • SEO audit or technical advice during the web development of the project . If you already have an operational website, in production, we need to thoroughly review whether it complies with all the recommendations and good practices established by search engines.

    Thanks to our SEO audit work, we will obtain a “photograph” of how good or bad we are and what we should do, both for technical and content purposes, to improve positioning. And if you do not have a website yet, it is the ideal time for you to have our services, so that you start with solid foundations that favour you when it comes to positioning yourself in Google etc.

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