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Digital Marketing Services DubaiDigital marketing services Dubai, local optimization (Local SEO) is search engine optimization and website promotion, the target audience of which is a certain city, region, locality.

Are you looking for how to promote your site in search results for the needs of your local (specific) target audience? In this case SEO-Xoom is a company with proven results and experience in local SEO that can show your site specifically to your target audience in a specific region or city.

Your site is in priority order with the search robot and in the first position for the necessary queries, in particular, according to your desire to promote the region!

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Indeed large companies often have their representative offices in several regions of the Dubai Federation. One of the new trends associated with regional offices is the regional promotion of sites. Let’s see why site owners in regions should now think about the problem of regional advertising. What is the reason for this trend, and what are the pitfalls to expect? We have been promoting websites in the regions for more than a year, and based on serious analytical work, we can draw conclusions with confidence.

Who Needs Local/Regional SEO Optimization?

Your company only operates in a certain geographic area, local SEO will allow people living in that area to easily and quickly find you on the Internet. But if your business serves multiple regions, a holistic local optimization strategy will allow search engines to locate stores independently, and you to compete with businesses in those regions.

Think about it – if you, for example, planned a trip to Kazan this weekend, then most likely, be sure to ask your favourite search engine which attractions should be visited first in this glorious city.

At your request, Google or Yandex will give out those sites on which the name of the city will be indicated. Of course, this is good news for companies operating in this region, and you will be sure that the search engine will not send you to a restaurant that is, in fact, hundreds of kilometers away from where you are going.

If you own a local brand, then it’s not even discussed: next year you’ll have to deal with local search engine optimization.

 Local SSEO  Dubai Best Optimization of Internal Factors

Initially, a set of measures for internal optimization should be implemented at the site.

If the site being promoted in an organic local search release is a commercial project, commercial ranking factors should be used.

If the site is being promoted across a large number of regions, then the regional version of the site should be displayed on a subdomain. This is a general recommendation, but in each case you need to look separately.

Search engines take into account branded traffic from a particular region (in my opinion, this is one of the strongest ranking factors for local seo). Engage actively in PR on local information portals, start sponsoring some thread on a city forum. You need to achieve an increase in the frequency of brand searches in a particular region.

The site must correspond to a certain region in terms of commercial ranking factors: office address, phone numbers with area codes, etc.

The semantic core of the site should include regional queries. Accordingly, the site should contain pages that are relevant to regional queries.

The site must be in the directories and business directories of a specific region. Usually not many places make good and complete descriptions. Choose only reputable directories and directories, here the principle is better to be smaller and better.

Each Affiliate Has Its Own Page With Local/Regional SEO  Dubai 

Create a landing page for your region . It is very important that all local pages are included in the overall site hierarchy, and links to them are displayed next to the main menu at the top of the screen. This is one of the conditions under which search engines don’t accept many local pages for doorways and a way to manipulate search results.

Website Promotion In The Regions 

Brand SellingDo you want to sell in  Dubai and are thinking about promoting your site in the regions? The complexity of the problem lies in the fact that in different cities the search result is different. And even if you promote effectively in your main region, this does not guarantee a good position in additional regions.

For example, you have an online store in the region , and you want to actively sell neighbouring regions – you have partners and logistics. After implementing a regional promotion strategy, you can achieve a significant increase in traffic.

Or you have a site that works well in your city and you want to expand the sales market. There is a risk that regions in Yandex may not help or hinder ranking by city. If a site in your city is in the top 3-5 for high-frequency queries, this can be critical for business.

To reduce risks , we assemble a semantic core using geo-dependent queries, create landing pages with geo-localization, and strengthen them by commercial factors and regional connections. This allows you to increase traffic from the regions and oust local competitors from the top search.

Local/Regional SEO

Do you want to be in the TOP 10 ? Then you need a search engine promotion service! This is a complex work on the project and its environment. The goals of promotion are to improve the visibility of the site in search engines, bring requests to the TOP-10 and increase targeted traffic to the project. What are we doing to achieve our goals? 

Competitive Environment Analysis

Detailed top analysis for promoted queries and competitor sites

At this stage, SEO specialists analyze the competitor’s website for promoted queries that are in the top search engines. After that, a work plan for promotion drawn up.

Site Audit | Website Analysis

At this stage, the site analyzed. later generally Consider its strengths and weaknesses. Errors identified and the terms of reference for corrections added.

Error Correction.

Correction of internal errors on the site

Almost all sites have internal errors that negatively affect search engine promotion. Our staff will conduct a thorough audit and correct all errors that hinder the promotion of your site

Digital Marketing Services Dubai Filling With Unique Content

SEO-oriented texts

Hence on all promoted sections of the site, high-quality, selling content will written. After that, it will optimized for search engines and posted on the site.

Our Digital Marketing Services Dubai Do Work On Increasing Conversions

Make your website attractive to customers

Not always with high traffic on the site there is a flow of customers. Our marketers, starting with analytics systems, will give and give recommendations on how to increase the conversion from the site.

Digital Marketing Services Dubai Is The Trusted Name In Continuous Improvement of The Site & Your Online Business

Our SEO specialists will constantly work on your project Lastly even having reached high positions, they need to kept there. Therefore, work to improve the site will carried out continuously. In addition, there is always linking, animation of text and media content.( Shopify SEO Services )