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Medical SEO Services of SEO XoomMedical SEO Services of SEO Xoom, whether you are a specialist doctor or the commercial manager of a medical center , some questions arise spontaneously …

  1. How many people are actually watching it?
  2. Is it easy to find?
  3. Will it rank on Google?

As you well know, Google is the search engine that has radically transformed the quality of the results that can found on the Web. This short practical guide shows how to optimize your site and what to do to improve its natural positioning through specific SEO techniques and suggestions specifically designed to position the WEBSITES of medical centers and specialist doctors .

Medical SEO services of SEO Xoom: We Do Make Sure Your Website Is Mobile Friendly

When it comes to SEO for doctors, mobile optimization is key. Is your website optimized for mobile devices? Is it easy to navigate on smartphones and tablets? “Today” most visitors use a mobile device to access the Internet; so in other words, if your website is NOT mobile friendly , you are losing well over half of potential new patientsSo be careful because your site will favored or penalized depending on whether it is or is NOT optimized for “navigation” through mobile.

Your Medical Center Website

In 1992, people were willing to wait 5 minutes for a photo to be uploaded. Well, as you can imagine, this is not  the case anymore! People, and … even Google, have become much more demanding. They want a fast website! And if it is not  fast, it will most likely be penalized by Google, while your visitors will leave it even before they have consulted its pages.

Medical SEO services of SEO Xoom: Content, Content, Content!

Our SEO experts have had a mantra for many years, content is king – Content is king! This also applies to medical SEO. Have you wondered why potential patients use Google?  They are looking for answers. If your website doesn’t provide answers to their questions, Google will never place it at the TOP of search results.

How Can Our Team Do Improve The Content Of Your Website?

First of all, make sure that the content you are providing is really  useful . If prospective patients do not find the information on your website useful, they will leave the site very quickly. This leads to a higher bounce rate. This pushes you down the Google SERPs . 

How Do You Understand What Content To Use And What Patients Find Interesting? 

There are some useful tools to check the type of questions patients (and the general public) ask. Simply start typing your keyword into Google, then look at the alternative suggestions that are automatically offered to you in the search form, or at the bottom of the first page of results shown after each search.
Also make sure it is easy to understand the topics covered on each page of your site. One way to do this is to include keywords in the title or subtitles. This way the patient can immediately see that your page is about the topic he interested in at that moment; take a cue from this page you are reading.

Medical SEO Services Of SEO Xoom : Optimize Your Landing Pages With Keywords

There are many improvements you can make to your landing pages to optimize them. I will add some particularly effective ones below:

Have Patients Click On The Page Title And Page Description

After a patient performs a Google search, they see 10 organic search results. Each of these results will show the page title, URL, and snippet (description).  This is why it is  vital  that the page title and description shout “click me!” to potential patients.

Add Images And Videos

Medical servicesToo much text can scare potential patients. If patients leave your page within 30 seconds, this considered a “bounce”. As I explained above, the higher the bounce rate, the less likely Google is to rank your page at the TOP for the keyword it optimized for. Including some images related to the keyword helps to reassure the patient that your page is relevant to their search. Additionally, images and videos can increase click-through rates . Higher click-through rates are another indicator to let Google know that the patient interested in your page. This will increase your SEO score for future searches that will done using the same keyword.

Medical SEO Services Of SEO Xoom :  We Use Simple, Easy-To-Read Language

As a doctor, you may used to the fact that your language is not accessible to patients. However, when it comes to SEO for Medical Websites, it is imperative that patients can easily read and understand the content of your page. This factor known as “readability”.  In other words, try to avoid long sentences with a passive tone of voice . Instead, use short, active sentences. It also helps the user by dividing the text into shorter paragraphs ; once again take a cue from this page you are reading .

Medical SEO Services Of SEO Xoom : Create A Google My Business Listing of Your Medical Center

In terms of medical marketing, this is one of the best (and free) things you can do – Google often places a map at the top of search results. To appear on this map, you must have a Google My Business (GMB) listing. Not only can the card be created for free, it also provides great stats, such as: The number of people who have asked for directions to your study;


( Digital Marketing Islamabad )Our team will use this guide. We  have tried to add the main rules you should follow to try to Google your medical center site . And will be able to grow your business and clients for forever!