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Specifically the The goal of this research is to examine the nature of connection. Among Cause Related Marketing (CRM) campaigns. as well as brand awareness and the image and perception of corporates. As possible predictors of consumer purchasing plans. Generally, in the less developed countries of Pakistan. A conceptualization for the first time derived from the literature of the mainstream. To confirmed by empirical research.
The theoretical framework was then evaluated using primary survey data. Gathered from 203 students enrolled in various universities in Rawalpindi. And Uk as well as Islamabad. Regression and correlation analysis used to check the principal hypothesis. That derived from research that suggests branding awareness. And corporate image as mediating the connection between CRM and consumers’ buying intent. 

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The findings suggest that consumers’ purchases influenced by causes of the marketing campaigns. Additionally, it discovered that brand recognition. And image of the company partially influence the effect of CRM campaigns. On the consumer’s sale intention. The data gathered from universities located between Rawalpindi in Rawalpindi and Islamabad only. Digital marketing in Islamabad thus, future research may expand the conclusions. To the other cities of Pakistan to determine their generalization. Further research could conducted using gathering data. From people who were part of cause-related marketing campaigns. To discover the initial behavior of consumers and not their purchasing intentions. The findings and research confined to the FMCG sector. 

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The main implications of these findings related to marketing .
Of these findings for managers of marketing to help support . The implementation of marketing campaigns in Pakistan. The research also suggests actions that should considered to improve brand recognition. And improve corporate image since both factors influence the effect of CRM-related. Campaigns on consumers’ purchasing plans. This study aids in the development of in the marketing literature. That suggests a role for branding awareness and image of the company on CRM marketing. Campaigns and buying plans. This role of mediation was under-researched in prior research. Additionally, it aids in closing the gap in empirical research in this area. That is mainly because of the different attitudes of consumers. In countries that are less developed, such as Pakistan.