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Resources responsible advertising and marketing communications advertising and other forms of marketing communications are the most important means interactions between advertisers and consumers. They contribute to the creation effective international and national markets contribute to economic development and provide substantial benefits for both consumers and companies and society in overall. Resources responsible for advertising and marketing communications based on received widespread. Support for self-regulation codes indicate recognition by the business community his social obligations. The fundamental value of self-regulation is his ability to create, strengthen and maintain consumer confidence in the business community And, therefore, the market as such. effective self-regulation is also a tool for protecting the business reputation of individual companies and corporations. The first code of advertising and marketing communications MTP, resources  published in 1937, was called provide general principles of responsible marketing internationally. To this day he. It remains a global guideline in the development of standards in advertising and marketing communications and successfully applied by independent self-regulatory organizations. The code is constantly being improved and adjusted with social, technological and economic changes. Adoption and practical implementation of advertising and marketing codes communications is a generally recognized practice in the industry, as well as a means of ensuring additional consumer protection in all major markets. The institute of self-regulation is a proven system that has proven itself in the responsible business and It serves the interests of consumers around the world. This Code reflects the STR strategic priorities in the field of assistance to growth and innovation, development of digital economics and effective management. It is focused on promotion of the ideas of the rule of law and effective management through: b formation of predictable and clear international regulatory environment for sustainable and responsible business management; b development of recommendations and tools of self-regulation that helps companies comply with legal obligations and promote the proliferation of best practices business; Creating a consistent international regulatory framework for global business. Tenth editorial code: significant changes In the conditions of the rapid development of technologies technologically improved marketing methods and communications for companies wishing to preserve "the right to keeping. Resources responsible and trustworthy in the digital world. In this regard, this version of the code is designed to provide the convenience of using it. And applicability for marketing communications and methods optimized when aid technology.

The code acts as a generally accepted gold standard for modern rule-making in the modern digital world. This edition includes the following significant changes: b direct marketing and digital marketing Communications are discussed in details With, which united the SEO XOOM company with and of the previous edition; B(business) prescribes a large transparency and disclosure of information when distinguishing three types content: commercial, editorial and user; b determined a clearer application of the code for all channels of communications and platforms, including social networks, mobile, virtual and marketing communications with using artificial intelligence.


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