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We define web design costs based on complexity of the project. There are three tiers to start from:

Small Company

A simple template-based website, with minimum requirements.


A well-designed website with intermediate complexity for Small-to-Midsize Business.


Advanced website with with cutting-edge design and custom web-development.

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+$200 per query







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+$200 per page

+$100 per post

+$100 per page

+$400 per image

+$800 per video

+$400 per page

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Amazon Reviews, etc.


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Design Details

+$200 per page

+$80 per page

+$15 per image

+$50 per custom page

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Generic Design

You choose design from a few site templates we propose based on the project requirements. Then we customize template according to your brand.

Custom Design

We create a custom well-designed theme based on the project requirements. The theme comes with custom home, inner and landing page designs.

Premium Design

Cutting-edge custom website design. Performance-oriented development with 508 Compliance adaptation. You get a fully-accessible, SEO-friendly website.

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Features & Services

Search Engine Optimization

Original, engaging content.

Sell products or services online

Fully-accessible Website +$600

General Data Protection Regulation (EU) +$200

Advanced features or integrations

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Other Features

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SEO XOOM Web Design Services company , the goal of this service is to achieve two main goals. First, it is to identify the most important design elements that are essential to creating efficient transacting SME (Small Medium Enterprises) websites. The second step is to determine the relevance for transactions of each design component to establish the best priorities. The paper was developed using seven focus groups with consumers. Two methods were employed to present an ethnographic overview of every focus group (qualitative method) and a methodical code process (quantitative method).The results show that a website for transactions must have three key strengths: it should be safe; information about the price must be available and a broad range of images ought to be presented. However, not all of these elements are equally crucial. SEO XOOM Web Design Services Practical implications The results of our study suggest that the managers put in more effort in making the web site safer and more precise in terms of information. Additionally, electronic services haven't achieved the most prestigious status, but this doesn't mean the quality of service isn't as important.

We have concentrated on the design elements on their own. In this context the importance of web security or navigability has been the most crucial component of web-based solutions. But, comparison of the different elements of design is absent, especially from a quality-of-services perspective. This service aims to fill the gap by offering the hierarchy of design elements in relation to their ability to boost SME sales.

The company is based on web designs and guidelines for usability (guidelines) that were developed by the department of communication technology (CTB) from the National Cancer Institute (NCI) within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The guidelines were designed to help people who design websites by relying on the most recent and current evidence available. These guidelines are specifically applicable to the design of websites that are geared towards information, but they are applicable to the entire range of web-based sites. The primary audience is web designers or managers as well as other individuals involved in the development or maintaining websites. The second audience is those who study Web designing issues. This site will assist researchers determine which services have been carried out or if none exist.

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There are no hidden costs, setup or termination fees attached to our SEO packages. All our plans are clear. We do not charge for any additional services.

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Our team do not outsource any of SEO services outside. We prefer to be in control of all processes in-house and deliver the best quality in a long run.