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Companies are embracing advertising to build awareness as well as sales and loyalty. In recent years, however, the nature of advertising has evolved. SEO XOOM Digital marketing as well as social media marketing firms have gained greater attention. Megabrands invest millions of dollars in marketing, but small-scale businesses usually think of advertising as an expense, not an opportunity to generate revenue. Small service-based business owners are generally skeptical of the importance of social and digital media. This research examines the different social and digital media channels that could be used to increase the growth of their business.

ABSTRACT  The growth of the Internet and the adoption of old-fashioned marketing methods has resulted in the rise of digital marketing strategies exploited by both SMEs and big companies. They combine data science with digital marketing strategies to market products, create brand awareness, or enter new markets. The current study aims to determine the importance and application of information science SMEs for their digital marketing strategies. The method of research that was used for this research is comprehensive literature review. The data was analyzed by using multi-correspondence analysis (MCA) using the programming language R.On the basis of the findings we can identify a set of seven cutting-edge uses of data technology in digital marketing that are utilized for SMEs in their online marketing strategies , which are graphically represented and examined. Furthermore, four new research avenues are identified and discussed to help understand the future direction of actions that SMEs must take to design plans for digital marketing. In the end, the report concludes with a discussion of practical and theoretical results of the research for future studies on the impact and use of data science in SMEs performing their online marketing.

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