Google’s John Mueller: Total Number of Backlinks Doesn’t Matter

Google’s John Mueller says the absolute number of backlinks a site has doesn’t make any difference at all to the inquiry calculation.

One great connection from a pertinent site can be more effective than a huge number of inferior quality connections.

This is expressed by Mueller during the Google Search Central SEO home base recorded on February 19.

A site proprietor presents the accompanying inquiry to Mueller:

“What is important most? The quantity of special alluding backlink spaces or the all out number of backlinks?”

On occasion known for his obscure answers, Mueller couldn’t be all the more clear in clarifying how little both of those elements make a difference to Google.

Peruse his full reaction in the segment underneath.

Google’s John Mueller on Backlinks

Mueller exhorts site proprietors not to zero in on the all out number of connections highlighting their site, or the absolute number of remarkable alluding spaces.

Google doesn’t survey connects that way, he clarifies:

“I don’t think we separate like that in our frameworks. From my perspective, I would tend not to zero in on the absolute number of connections to your webpage, or the complete number of area connects to your site, since we take a gander at joins in a totally different manner.”

What makes a difference to Google with regards to joins is the way important every one is to the site it’s highlighting.

That is the means by which Google decides the amount to gauge singular connections. The absolute number “doesn’t make any difference by any means.”

In principle a site could assemble a large number of connections across a great many spaces, and Google could wind up overlooking them.

“We attempt to comprehend what is important for a site, what amount should we gauge these individual connections, and the complete number of connections doesn’t make any difference by any means. Since you could go off and make a large number of connections across a great many sites on the off chance that you needed to, and we could simply disregard them all.”

Google’s John Mueller on Backlinks says a solitary connection from a pertinent source can impart a more grounded sign to Google about how it should treat that page.

He gives a theoretical illustration of a page getting connected to from a significant news site. Google would consider it to be a significant page regardless of whether that is one of the lone connections it has.

“Or on the other hand there could be one great connection from one site out there that is, as far as we might be concerned, a truly significant sign that we should regard this site as something that is pertinent in light of the fact that it has that one connection. I don’t have a clue, perhaps from like a major news site’s landing page, for instance. So the absolute number basically is totally immaterial.”

Quality over amount is the thing that is important to Google.