Google Updates Event Structured Data Requirements

Google refreshed the Event Structured Data Requirements. The update influences the offers.priceCurrency property. This change influences distributers who charge for occasions and need to have their occasions appeared on Google. These necessities additionally influence paid on the web/home occasions.

Google Events Structured Data Requirements

The Google occasions Structured Data permits occasion coordinators to be found in Google Search and Google Maps. At first produced for actual occasions, the organized information is likewise proper for online occasions identified with home exercises.

Home movement occasions incorporate video live-transfers, pre-recorded video and online occasions. Instances of home exercises are wellness exercise occasions.

The utilization of the Event Structured Data makes an occasion qualified to be shown as a rich outcome on Google search, as a component of what Google calls the “occasion insight” in Google search.

The utilization of the Event Structured Data doesn’t ensure a rich outcome show in Google. It just makes the occasion qualified.

To be qualified, the entirety of the necessary Structured Data should be introduced to Google in the JSON-LD Structured Data, precisely as required.

Inability to utilize the entirety of the necessary organized information can bring about done being qualified for the occasion insight in Google search. Also, that is the reason this change is vital.

The offers.priceCurrency property is a necessary property. This implies that in the event that Google thinks that its missing, at that point then occasion may get ineligible.

Intuitive Search Results

Google reports for a situation investigation of the Event Structured Data, that the utilization of organized information for occasions helped Eventbrite acquire a 100% increment in hunt traffic.

The organized information permits Google to show the occasion in Google search to expected clients.

As per Eventbrite:

“Inside half a month we began seeing a visual contrast in our occasion list items on Google,” Jilo says. “The Google Search experience unquestionably encourages drive more eyeballs to occasion pages. What’s more, when those individuals convert, it means steady ticket deals for our occasion makers.”

offers.priceCurrency Structured Data

The offers.priceCurrency Structured Data Requirements is a necessity to express the money of the cost of the occasion by utilizing the 3-letter ISO 4217 cash code. For instance, the United States dollar 3-letter ISO 4217 cash code is USD.

Here is an illustration of what that resembles in organized information:

“offers”: {

“@type”: “Offer”,

“priceCurrency”: “USD”


Likely, distributers who charge for an occasion as of now have the greater part of the organized information code effectively set up. The solitary extra piece to add is the priceCurrency part.