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Electronic Signature Important To Know About It

E-signature certificates issued by the CA of the Circuit will continue to be valid in 2022. 

This comes from the letter from the Ministry of Digital Development (more information in the news ).

 However, user questions continue to come in. In the article, we have collected those that were asked by the listeners of the world .Conference for corporate clients on October 27, 2021. We are telling the answer.

E-Signature |How to recover an e-signature

There are situations when you need to restore  it, for example, if you lost it or accidentally deleted it. In the post, we will answer the question of whether it is possible to restore an

e- signature, what to do if you lost it or someone took it without your consent.

E-Signature | What to do when the electronic signature is over?

Any electronic signature, or rather an electronic signature certificate, has an expiration date. Usually it is issued for 12 months, so after a year the owner needs to contact the CA and update the electronic signature.

E-Signature |What is SKZI

It will be impossible to make use of an e-signature without the use of protection against cryptographic information (CIPF).

In the article we will tell you why CIPF is needed and what they are.

How to get an e-signature?

The task of the certification center is to issue the user with an el-signature certificate suitable for work in compliance with all legal requirements. What you need to get a certificate at the Certification Center of SKB USA in the optimal time, step by step...

Which is correct: EDS or EP?

The definition of "electronic digital signature" (EDS), which has become familiar, is now outdated and does not correspond to modern terminology.


What is a token?

The private key with which electronic signatures are generated is located on a key carrier or, in other words, a token.

Public and private key of electronic signature

Electronic signature technology is implemented on a bunch of public and private keys.

What exactly is an e-signature?

E-signatures are analogous to the signature of a person who writes it down and seals it on the paper document.

 The e-signature identifies the author; allows you to determine whether changes were made to the document after it was signed; protects the document from being viewed by third parties.

What does an electronic signature certificate consist of?

The e-signature certificate confirms that the e-signature belongs to the owner and contains: - a private key - for generating e-signatures; -public key - to verify the authenticity of the signature by the recipient; -information about the owner - for the recipient to check information about the author of the document.