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Dental SEO ServicesDental SEO Services  SEO Xoom, dentistry is one of the most difficult to promote businesses  with high competition, but there are proven ways to get to the top of the results. We tell you how to get around the typical difficulties in promoting. A dentistry website, gain the trust of patients. And receive applications from the Internet.

Our Techniques For Promoting Dentistry | Dental SEO Services

In general, after the initial basic optimization, dental clinic sites are developed. And promoted according to the general principles of medical topics. But there are also special features. We share the experience of seo xoom ,dental seo services. And the techniques that work great for us in the field of dentistry.

SEO Promotion of The Dental Clinic Website

Features of the topic and proven methods of promoting dentistry 

Landing Pages For Popular Services

The bottom line is not to force the user to collect information. On different sections of the site, but on one page to talk about:

  • The service or group of services (for example, pediatric dentistry, teeth whitening, etc.).
  • Prices.
  • your equipment and materials.
  • Dentists who are attending.
  • Clinic benefits.
  • current promotions.
  • Patients’ opinions (we recommend adding a block of reviews).

In order for such a page to bring applications to the clinic. Be sure to add several buttons and online booking windows to it. 

An example from the site we developed: the landing page for the department of orthodontics is inscribed in the main structure of the site. There are similar pages for paediatric dentistry, implantation, prosthetics and other popular areas.

Promotion On Low-Competitive Requests  

The two main reasons to promote such queries are:
  1. There is less competition, which means it is easier to take the top lines in Yandex and Google and get more search traffic in a shorter time. And if customers like the service, they will come back regularly and recommend you to their friends.
  2. It is these services that included in the USP (Unique Selling Proposition) of your clinic and allow you to stand out from your competitors.

Promotion By Districts |  Dental SEO Services

Dental SEO Services SEO XoomAnother group of requests that we recommend focusing on when promoting a dental clinic are district requests. They necessarily contain the name of a specific area, metro station or major street: remove a tooth in USA, teeth whitening St. jhohn Mikal Steve, etc.

Pros of regional promotion:

  • People usually look for a dentist near their home or work – your location is important to them, so a “warm” audience comes to regional requests.
  • The competition for regional keys is much lower than for city keys, especially in large cities. For requests like caries treatment Moscow , there will always be aggregators, directories and the largest network clinics in the TOP, but in a particular area, even a small clinic can compete for the top positions. 
The area is so important in the promotion of the clinic that sometimes it makes sense to even make it part of the name – as in the case of our client, Dentistry on global world.

More Attention To Doctors

Often people choose not a clinic, but a specific doctor whom they would entrust dental treatment to. Therefore, it is so important to show live photos on the site and tell more about doctors – education, experience, specialization in the clinic, schedule, etc.
The “Our doctors” block on the main page can made compact, with the ability to flip through photos and go to detailed information about each doctor.

Expert Content On The Clinic Blog

Our company dental seo services seo xoom advise you to create an article section on the website of the dental clinic and regularly update it.

Why is it needed:

  • Articles allow you to receive additional traffic for information requests that cannot  entered on service pages (for example, how to choose toothpaste or implantation or prosthetics, which is better ).
  • Expert content builds your reputation and builds the trust of visitors – this is the most important thing in the medical field.
  • It is convenient to use blog posts for internal linking of the site – in articles to give links to service pages, and vice versa.

Priority Placement In Ya.Maps And Aggregators

Aggregators, directories and review sites are often displayed higher in the search than individual clinics. To benefit from this when promoting dentistry on the Internet. We register on all popular resources like DocDoc, Prodoctorov, etc., add information about the clinic to them. As additional advertising, you can connect paid special placement here.

The Prodoctorov Aggregator Is In The Top Five In Yandex.

Also, be sure to register with Yandex.Maps and choose priority. Placement with a monthly payment. In this case, the dentistry card rises in the search results, . Indicated on the map with a special label, plus you can add extended information. About the clinic (logo, list of promotions, showcase with popular services). A clinic card with priority placement in Yandex.Maps  displayed on the main search page. There is immediately a brief description of dentistry, a block with reviews, prices.
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