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We create a project team based on complexity of the project.

Small Company

A simple template-based website, with minimum requirements.


Intermediate complexity porjects for Small-to-Midsize Business.


Advanced website with custom marketing requirements.

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+$200 per query




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SEO Content

+$100 per existing page


+$200 per new page

+$100 per page

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What is your primary target?

Increase Online Sales

E-comerce websites or online service-oriented companies.

Get More/Better Leads

For businesses that use websites for lead generation.

Consumer Recognition

For websites created to support the brand or to tell more about the company.

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Ongoing Optimizations

Once initial optimizations completed, we will analyze results and adjust for long-term performance.

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Secure Payments

All our payments are processed via PayPal or Stripe. You do not need a PayPal account and we do not store any payment card details on our website.

No hidden fees

There are no hidden costs, setup or termination fees attached to our SEO packages. All our plans are clear. We do not charge for any additional services.

No outsourcing

Our team do not outsource any of SEO services outside. We prefer to be in control of all processes in-house and deliver the best quality in a long run.

The top brands trust our services!

Search engine marketing strategies with 100% success

SEO Services SEO XOOM creates targeted SEO strategies to maximize opportunities for your site which results in maximum exposure on the web!

Your website could be among one of the Top 10 Google results through SEO Optimization!

SEO-related services

On Site SEO Services

SEO optimization on-page (onsite) considers every element of the website, and in combination, can boost the rank of the website in results of a search.

SEO reportage

We love data , and we provide monthly reports on positions, visibility in the market, revenue and conversions. Contact with us is continuous.

Penalty Recovery

If your website has been penalized by Google either in a manual or automatic manner (by an algorithm) We will address the issue immediately.

Technical SEO Audit

Since each SEO campaign is different Since each SEO campaign is unique, we utilize Google instruments to their fullest and more. So, we can spot the technical issues on the site in time.

Smart Content

The company has TOP collaborators for the creation of content. We offer the entire content package including blog description of products and category descriptions, as well as outreach

Competitor Analysis

SEO Competitiveness analysis is a must to any SEO campaign since it gives details on what tactics are used in the market within which you work.


By optimizing SEO, we can help companies expand!

Relevant for both a new start-up or a growing business SEO optimization shouldn't be absent from your marketing strategy.

We will do our best to ensure that your website to constructed correctly and maintained to keep up with the latest changes from Google concerning ranking factors.

The importance of being ranked in Google results

The rank of your site on search engine results (here we're discussing Google) depends on many aspects, such as:

  1. Structure of the site,
  2. The relevance of the web site the content on the website,
  3. the age of your site and the trust earned by backlinks from other websites that link to your website.

What is the result the result of SEO optimization? More visitors, more sales, more profit.


Would you like to seem on the primary page of Google?

More than 45 brands have had great success

What is the reason SEO optimization essential for your company?

Organic search is a crucial aspect to the effectiveness of the majority of commercial websites on Google and is an important element in the buying procedure (placing an order through the website) Organic search may make it easier for users to finish an purchase.

As marketers are aware, Google holds a large segment of the market for search engines. Google is much bigger in comparison to Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, Yandex, DuckDuckGo and numerous more.

Customers pleased with SEO services

What is include in an SEO optimization campaign from us comprise?

Link to build

Link construction refers to the procedure of getting hyperlinks from other websites that link to your website. A hyperlink (usually commonly referred to as a hyperlink) is a means for users to navigate between different pages within the Internet. Look motors make utilize of hyperlinks to creep the net.they crawl the links that connect individual pages of your site, and crawl links between other websites.

Keyword Research

There are probably certain keywords that you'd like to appear in the front page on Google. These could related to services, products or other subjects that related to your website. Our online tools can identify the various methods that users can find a specific item or service.

Analysis of traffic

The analysis of traffic is an essential element in an SEO optimization campaign since it is crucial to know if the amount of traffic coming from your Google Analytics account is decreasing. We will compare the results between the past few year (from one month to the next) and discover the websites that are losing visitors. The reason for the decline in traffic could be related to algorithm changes.


We monitor constantly the position of your website's keywords within Google results. Additionally, we keep track of your competitors and look at what they're doing with SEO. (SEO) strategy.

Get the latest information on SEOology

SEOXOOM is a SEO service that offers big plans for your site! We've been dealing with any "diseases" within the digital domain and we are aware of what your website requires. If you'd like to see your website to get the most effective 2.0 treatment do not hesitate to get in touch with us!

SEO services available in Romania and Moldova Website optimization

Utilizing SEO services means putting your website in the hands of SEO experts, who research the field on a daily basis and have an impressive record of clients and outcomes.

Check out the SEO results we've achieved with our customers.

SEO services will assist you to secure a position at the top of search results for the search engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing and more. ).

The second goal (the one that you refer to as SEO businesses) is to increase conversion of users to your website to ensure that your site is able to promote your product, offer information, or promote an event, etc.

This page will help you to memorize more approximately what SEO is and in case you're in require of SEO.To help you to reach your goals in terms of information We have organized this page into four large sections:

  1. The definition of SEO services.
  2. Do you have SEO Services included?
  3. What are the ways SEO procedures function?
  4. Time frame of SEO service.

What are the professional SEO services?

SEO is a complicated subject that involves an array of steps to improve and promote websites. These actions must be executed in a sensible sequence and with lots of consistency. Most of the time, SEO promotion strategies can differ from one site to the next, however the fundamentals are the same. By making use of SEO optimization techniques it is intended to increase the experience of visitors and, in turn improve the site's popularity in search results online.

SEO services consist of improving and promoting websites to increase the amount of qualified visitors through search engine results. These are some of the tasks that can be performed as part of SEO optimization contracts: SEO optimizing contract

Visibility of The Brand

  1. Marketing includes the promotion component of websites. SEO is an element that is part of Search Engine Marketing (SEM). In conjunction and with the SEO Agency, we work to increase the visibility of the brand, building a brand that is recognized online, on creating the message of marketing and its attractive packaging. Above all, one of the goals of optimization is increasing the volume of sales online.
  2. UX/UI (improving user experience) The process is to try, test and and optimize and work to improve website user-friendliness as well as optimizing conversion . In the course of these activities your website will become one that is simple to navigate and understand.
  3. Optimization of website code The process is to add appropriate SEO metatags, link websites to new URLs. We also and arrange the content within the webpage, and then optimize the site's code that is reducible.
  4. Copywriting/Editing: We will take care of your text and make them professional SEO Copywriting.
  5. Engineering and plan The plan and engineering of your site features a strong well-organized, instinctive plan.We offer guidelines on how to arrange text and images. We adhere to how colors blend as well as the harmony between design elements of the site. We aim to provide you with pleasant browsing experiences.
  6. SEO analysis: Once there are all measures completed, we can enhance your web presence.

What is SEO service delivery consist of?

Internal optimization: We make the website usable, easy to scan, and of top quality. Our company ensure that the website is both human and engine user-friendly. We are discussing:

  • Optimizing meta descriptions and titles, Open Graph tags;
  • optimization of images, texts and URLs. Internal links, URLs optimization of images, texts, URLs, internal links.

Although we design a long-term, content strategy in conjunction with you. Together, we set the goals of online marketing and targets. We  present  you with answers to your inquiry.We will help you resolve any functional or technical issue of the website, especially in the SEO marketing side.

External optimization - Agency of our  ensure that the site is viewed as popular, relevant and pertinent to its market. This is achieved through:

  • Publishing news and announcements on the relevant websites;
  • We put banners, ads, and hyperlinks on blogs that are in your field or on well-known websites, for instance.

When we offer SEO services, we provide the following security guarantees:

  • we always add value to the sites we're currently working on.
  • We are always moving forward our location substance.
  • We are always making strides the client encounter
  • When determining the strategy, an analysis of the market and competition (existing and future) is conducted;
  • A custom-made and unique marketing strategy is created;
  • every implementation is carried out with the consent from the client
  • the most recent SEO strategies and strategies are utilized SEO in accordance with the requirements of 2022;
  • The site is not penalized for work performed by us.
  • We present monthly reports that include the quantity of work done;
  • We work hard to increase the position of our website we are working hard to increase the position of our site in Google. We are working hard to increase the position of our site in Google search engine, focusing on the most crucial specific keywords in the niche;
  • We increase organic traffic of high quality;
  • We only use licensed tools.

SEO stages of work:

  1. Improve the quality of your site:
  • Upgrading the level of user-friendliness;
  • Text optimization;
  • Picture optimization; 
  • Entitle optimization;    
  •  Optimization of meta portrayals
  • Improve the design of the site;
  • Correction of code validation mistakes;
  • Exploring new opportunities for growth and promotion;
  • Optimization of the URL structure;
  • Enhancing the internal structure of links;
  • Optimization of speed of page loading;
  • Code compression;
  • Correction of mistakes on the site (dead link and image).
  1. Use of SEO tools

Monitoring the level of "health" of the location

Further we make sure that your site doesn't contain any mistakes: server, software or deleted images. Our team reviews your entire website and reports to you on the extent to which it is "healthy" the site is.

Monitoring of the positions of websites in Google

Such as we track the position of your site in the search engines compared to the positions of your competitors. In the first place we identify the categories of terms and keywords which are relevant to you, and then select the competition we will be competing with. We at that point move on to optimizing your location.

Especially we look at the functional and technical aspects of the website.

The technical analysis entails the examination of the entire site to identify on the other hand, what challenges it is facing, and on the other hand, the growth possibilities to boost the CTRs (the number of people who click on the site) and to increase sales .

 Moreover we recognize how well they are doing with SEO

We study how competitors promoted on search engines and which keywords they are focusing on. We establish optimization and promotion priority, knowing precisely where the competition is.

Also we search for all the relevant key words

This is the process of analyzing of key words, that is, the ones that result in sales through search engines. We examine the content of your site as well as that of your competition, then check the search volume and statistics for the key phrases we have selected to identify the families of keywords we are looking for.

Particularly we look long-term beginning with our expectations.

Specifically We design the general marketing strategy by focusing on the goals you wish to achieve over the next period, but also looking at an overall plan. Therefore we also look at strategies to keep the gains we've made. 

Advertising services , digital marketing, or digital advertising, is the use of computers, websites and other digital means to serve advertising, marketing or advertisement on the public for their businesses or products. Digital marketing is a very effective way to create an Inbound Marketing strategy because it requires minimal effort and lasts long periods of time, helping to create enormous ROI and thus making people busy.