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Our team services a diverse global portfolio to increase sales and conversion rates. Here is a small selection of the clients that we represent on a daily basis.

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Clients In Digital: What Types Are There, What Do They Want And How To Meet Expectations

We do dividing customers by their type of needs is important in order to understand what kind of customers a company or a specialist works with. It is impossible to communicate with all clients in the same way, to offer the same conditions for cooperation.  Especially  within each company there is an open or unspoken division of customers into segments. For example, banks divide their clients into individuals and legal entities - including in order to determine the passing vector of communication with them. Hotels divide guests into "groups" and "individuals", this helps to work on the service, better organize the arrival and accommodation of guests. We will analyze how a digital specialist can accurately identify the client’s desires and not deceive his expectations.

Types of clients and their needs by SABONE

In particular the system is suitable for separating customers by type in any area, including digital. Krolar identified 6 main motives for our  customers.


This type of our customer needs to know for sure that the services will be of high quality and the contractor is reliable. Such customers will not be able to convince in words. Diplomas, positive reviews and cases will help with this.


Our customers choose only those services that correlate with their values ​​and respond emotionally. The task of the performer is to find out what is important for the client and find points of contact with him. Branding often plays an important role - the mission and values ​​of the company or specialist ( personal brand ).

Comfort and Convenience

Special  we do choose a performer rationally. It is important for them that the service brings practical improvements. When communicating with this type of our customer, it is worth focusing on the benefits, offering convenient working conditions and a useful product.


According to the SABONE theory, this type of our  customer chooses branded items. This is less relevant in digital, but such clients are found here too. To convince them to work with you, you can mention which brands have already trusted you - and he is no worse!


Type of our customers who are chasing innovation and modern solutions. They need to offer the most creative solutions and services.


Such our customers are always looking for cheaper prices. It’s easy to please them – offer discounts and benefits.

How to apply SABONE

When we  know what needs our customers have, it's easier to present our services. Ideally, each USP from your resume or landing page should cover the client’s need, that is, be "in the client’s world". This motivates our clients to seek our services because the client recognizes himself in our offer. We propose to work out the theses from your USP according to the following algorithm:

Understanding the problem: how and what questions to ask to identify our customer needs

Before you take on any case for a client, you need to understand why you are doing it, and from his point of view. Even if it seems obvious. The most important thing is to first understand the problem and only then do it.

Here's how to do it:

  1. First, clarify what our customer means. Our company lets clients express his point of view so that he has an understanding that you hear him. Indeed on the off chance that his point of see on the issue appears interesting to you.
  2. Ask the client why this task is needed and what its solution means for the company.
  3. Dive deeper into the business: clarify how our company basically works and how this task affects the work. Is this project important for the company, or is it an additional, unnecessary task?
  4. If the task is unimportant, again specify why you should spend resources on it, do it with sincere interest. After all, it’s not just that the company is ready to spend money on this solution, which means it’s necessary for something.

When communicating with any type of our customer, always proceed from the fact that you did NOT understand each other. This will make it less demanding to figure out which of you have got what desires from the result. After that, we ask all the questions about the task in order to form a complete picture in your head.  Case studies

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