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Astra Starter Templates — Building Websites Got Lot More Easier!

Astra Starter Templates 2.0 — Building Websites Just Got Lot More Easier!

Astra Starter Templates 2.0 — Building Websites Just Got Lot More Easier!. Introducing a totally revamped version of Astra Starter Sites — now known as Starter Templates 2.0

Websites are an important component of any modern business. They are the main platform for businesses to communicate their products, services, and values to their target audiences. As a result, businesses of all sizes need to ensure they have an up-to-date, compelling website. Until now, traditional web development was often a long, expensive and arduous process with long lead times.

Fortunately, a new tool is here to make web development more efficient. Astra Starter Templates is a comprehensive website building solution that enables businesses to quickly and easily create stunning, professional websites.

The beauty of Astra Starter Templates lies in its simplicity. It consists of a library of high-quality pre-built websites that can be customized from a simple control panel. This enables businesses to create websites from scratch in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost of traditional website development. Plus, the Astra Starter Templates system is incredibly intuitive and user-friendly, so businesses of all sizes can easily create amazing websites with minimal effort.

Astra Starter Templates also comes with powerful optimization and customization features, making it easy to create an SEO friendly website that is tailored to their particular needs. The platform also allows businesses to seamlessly integrate the latest website technologies and plugins into their websites. This ensures that businesses are not limited by the platform, and can customize their website solutions as needed.

Ultimately, Astra Starter Templates is making website development more efficient, giving businesses the tools to create amazing websites that reflect the values and mission of their organization. With the help of Astra Starter Templates, businesses of all sizes can now easily create compelling, professionally designed websites with minimal effort.

Other Template PluginsStarter Templates 2.0
– Rigid templates and demos– Highly flexible templates
– Difficult to edit– Easy to modify
– Need to edit code– No need to edit code
– Mixing different templates is not possible– Mix different pages from different templates
– Templates do NOT inherit customizer styling– Templates will inherit current customizer styling

With Starter Templates, you can add blocks wherever necessary which will give you ready-made designs for special sections like testimonials, services, FAQs, and more!

As the templates are so flexible those that want to start from scratch can still benefit from using a template even if just for the base styles.

On the other hand, if you want a ready-made website you can use Starter Templates to have a website in minutes, just swap out the text and images and you can launch your website on the same day.

Starter templates are a great starting point for beginners as well as for professionals. They’re easy to use, user-friendly and yet provide clean and sleek designs.

With Starter Templates, you’ll be saving both time and money.

Since there’s no need to spend your hours trying to build your site from the ground up, you get the added benefit of gaining time to dedicate yourself to different projects. Just like our friend Jose says – “I ain’t writing any website from scratch… I gotta life and family.”

Astra Starter templates save you a number of huge tasks that go along with producing a site. Allowing you to skip straight to building your business.

? We’re on a mission – “To Cut Website Development Time by Half”. And with Starter Templates, we try to save more than half of the time. ⏳

Why Users Loved Starter Templates Then and Why They Will Love It Further? ?

  1. Sleek and Flexible Design that’s easy to use – Professionally built website demos thoughtfully designed by experts serving all niches.
  2. Save your time, efforts and money – You get ready to use templates that may need minimal modifications free of cost! 
  3. Templates with favorite page builders – You need not worry about the flexibility here! Comfortable with Beaver Builder, Elementor, Brizy or Gutenberg? We have templates built with them.
  4. One-click Imports – We understand how time matters. And therefore, Starter Templates allow users to import starter templates with one single click!
  5. Can be Converted Into Personalized Websites – Need modifications in an existing template? Tweak, modify, add or remove anything that will suit your needs.
  6. Device Friendly Templates – Every template has been through a proven testing period and is fully responsive. Making your website shine no matter the device.
  7. Beginner Friendly Process – You don’t have to dig a well to build the website of your dreams. Starter Templates make it as easy as eating pie.
  8. Constant Help from Experts – We have a dedicated support team to guide and take you along whenever you need us.

By using the new Starter templates 2.0 you can build powerful, intuitive, interactive, visually engaging websites. 

Starter Templates 2.0. What’s New? ?

1. Enhanced UI & UX

2. Import Single Pages

Complete site templates are available for various businesses. The best thing is you can import any single page from any site easily. 

3. Automatically Inherit Theme Customizer Settings

Starter Templates are unique for the feature of inheriting customizer style. 

For example, consider your color theme for the website is black and red and you have set these colors in the customizer. Now when you import any of the starter templates, it will automatically inherit customizer colors and display an imported page in black and red color, Regardless of the original color theme.

4. Pages and Blocks Import Option for Elementor Editor

5. Free and Unlimited Images Search Right Inside WordPress

The entire library of free Pixabay images is available inside the media library. You just need to search and insert media. 

Along with the above features, 2.0 is incredibly fast, bringing you a simple, powerful experience with a great reduction in website designing time. The plugin brings ease and speed in the process. 

We’ve improved the plugin performance significantly!. Every process is made faster — like searching time, importing time, and the overall code is optimized.  

We currently have in excess of  250+ sites and we are continuously adding new starter templates and blocks. 

Where Do I Download The Free and Premium Version?

Free Starter Templates — You can download free version from WordPress.org link. 

Premium Starter Templates — The premium version is available with the Essential Bundle and the Growth Bundle. Once you have one of these bundles you can use the premium version.


Does this allow importing complete websites or individual pages too?

The Starter Templates 2.0 lets you import individual pages or even websites that match your needs.

Can I switch to another starter site after I have imported one?

While importing another site it gives you the option to delete previously imported starter site or you can reset your WordPress installation and import site again.

Can I use the images used in the starter templates?

We strongly recommend replacing images from the templates and use your images. You can also use the new images from Pixabay since it will be available in the media library.

I am not able to find a Starter Template I am looking for?

If you don’t find a template suitable for your needs, please suggest it here. We love suggestions from our users. 🙂

Where can I get help for the plugin?

We have detailed documentation here or get in touch with our awesome support team here. 


Do you have a favorite Astra Starter template? What would you like to see from Starter templates? Let us know in the comments below! 

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