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How We Increased Traffic By 8 Times. While Also Removing 86 Percent On Its Indexing Pages | Case Studies

Although it is widely believed that in order to succeed with SEO promotion. the website must have the highest number of pages relevant to the search query in this area. In certain situations an excessive number of similar pages of similar content. Could hinder the proper indexing and ranking of the website in search engines. Search engines influenced by their crawling budget. It is the amount of pages crawlers (crawler) can explore on the site in one run. The crawling budget restricted that doesn't allow.

Budget for Crawling

The robot to continuously crawl the entire website. Especially we will discuss how to distribute the crawling budget. Also with the help that we have used for our customer. We will prove what the budget for crawling impacts the traffic on websites.

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Conversely in case studies, we refer to blog posts that focus on the actual results. And experiences of digital marketing campaigns. There are literally thousands of case studies. And everything from marketing campaigns to SEO discussions  found on this blog. Whether you’re an online marketer, a blogger. An intern or a full-time marketer, we will provide you with the information. You need to help you learn from our own mistakes and successes.

What is a crawl budget?

The crawl budget is the amount of pages a search robot (crawler) can explore during a single visit to the website. In addition for every site, the crawling budget is different for each site. In particular it based on two parameters:

  1. Crawl demand is the amount of pages within a site, that is a basic requirement to added to the index of search engines. The crawling demand determined by its size website and the frequency at which it updates information, as well as the interest of users. Let's suppose there are two stores online that have roughly the same amount of pages. Demand for crawling is higher for the one that continuously refreshes its offerings and the brand is most well-known that means it has more recognition and more organic traffic.
  2. Speed of crawling on the site. The speed at which the site loads the website is a sign of its stability operation, which implies that the crawler will be able to access more pages within the  same amount of time. If the site's performance is slow, the robot will not put a strain on the server, and it slows the process.

The overall aim is to enlighten the reader. And inform you of possible strategies that can be applied to your own digital marketing.

Generally a assortment of components can lead to the wasteful utilize of the slithering budget. Technical optimization mistakes (for instance). When there are chains of redirects to the website the robot will use the crawling budget. To fix these instead of going directly to the pages on the website that are essential to index. Learn more about technical issues. And their effect on SEO-related promotion slow loading of the site or too many pages to scan. It is widely believed that in order to succeed with SEO promotion. the website must have the highest amount of pages relevant to the demand on this subject.

Hence in some instances the presence of a lot of similar pages of the same kind could prevent the correct ranking. And indexing of the site on search engines. Actions of the search engines  influenced by the budget for crawling. It is the amount of pages it (crawler) can explore on the site in one run. The budget for crawling is very only a small amount. And does not allow the robot to consistently explore the entire website. In this post, we'll discuss the correct allocation of the budget for crawling with the help that . We have used for our customer. We'll explain that the amount of crawling influences the traffic on websites.

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Particularly we will look at competitors, choose queries that have low competition, perform search engine optimization on the website, create external link mass, roll out company cards using online maps, and carry out basic UX analysis of the website. A range of 6-10 specialists  involved in every project. Personal developers are responsible for completing the website, if required. We will provide you with the website as well as from us - the position in Yandex or Google along with traffic.


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Therefore in the majority of instances, for the crawler to be able to continuously go through all the important pages it is sufficient for the website to appear "healthy" technicalally and run at an efficient speed. However, the presence of many thousands of pages on a site could cause problems and require an additional control of the budget for crawling. Typically precisely what our client had to confront.


Alexa 4x4 is an on-line store of spacers to increase the clearance of your car. The uniqueness of this niche is in the fact that there aren't many of these stores in the UAE as well as being ranked across the country. The potential for this topic lies in LF or micro-LF. There are a few high-frequency queries in this area, because most car owners are looking for spacers to fit their specific vehicle (for example, if you search for "spacers in Renault Logan 2007" or "polyurethane spacers for Ford"). To promote the site, we adopted the option of drawing LF as well as micro-LF visitors. According to this, the website launched in the year 2016. The primary landing pages on the website are pages of CNC filters, based by analyzing the parameters used to select spacers:

  • Model car
  • Car model
  • Year of manufacture of cars
  • Spacer type
  • Material

Filtering can provide more than 130 000 combinations and accordingly landing pages.

We saw a slow rise in traffic, and we paid close careful attention to the inadequate indexing of our site. The search robot only visited very few pages in the overall mass and did not add them to the index or browse the pages that were most popular for search. So, we decided to exclude a few pages that are filtering from being indexed. Affordable local SEO